• The Fagenstrom Co.
    Made in Montana Quality Concrete Products including: Precast Concrete,
    Masonry Supplies, Bagged Cement and Premix Concrete Products.

What We Do

Precast Concrete

We make everything from septic tanks to picnic tables in our precast concrete facility. If you need something custom poured, let us know and we can do that too!

Masonry Supplies

We carry most everything a masonry contractor or weekend craftsman might need to lay block, stone or pavers.

Premix Concrete

We have premix concrete bagged in 60 pound and 90 pound sizes.

Bagged Material

We bag everything from Portland Cement, Masonry Sand to Red Lava Rock.

Landscaping Products

Make your landscaping project stand out with concrete planters, lawn curbings, pavers and much more.

Septic Tanks and Cisterns

If you need a septic tank, cistern or grease trap; concrete is the way to go. It will last a long time, keep water and debris out and won't break your budget.

Concrete Steps

Tired of jumping out your front door in the morning? Get a concrete step that will last for years to come.

Benches and Picnic Tables

Sit on a bench or picnic table guaranteed not to collapse under you, or give you any embarrassing splinters.


Whether it's natural stone or man-made cultured stone, we can help you add a beautiful accent to your home.

Our Products

  • Precast Concrete Tanks

  • Concrete Steps & Railings

  • Fire Pit Kits

  • Concrete Benches & Picnic Tables

  • Retaining Wall Block

  • Pavers

  • Concrete Planters & Garbage Cans

  • Cultured Stone

  • Natural Stone

  • Concrete Splash Blocks

  • Concrete Post Caps

  • Concrete Pads

  • Concrete Lawn Curbing & Tree Rings

  • Other Precast Concrete

  • Custom Concrete Projects

  • Premix Concrete & Bagged Material

  • Bulk Material

  • Concrete Block

  • Brick

  • Concrete Pipes & Risers

  • Concrete Parking Curbs

  • Concrete Burial Vaults

  • Manholes & Castings

About Us

The Rest of the Team

The Fagenstrom family has been pouring concrete in Great Falls, Montana for over a century and our staff has over 200 years combined experience in the industry. We take pride in manufacturing quality building materials that will last a lifetime, just like we always have. Stop by and we'll show you all the products we have to offer.

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